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Joint research agreement concluded with Fujisawa Industrial Promotion Foundation aiming at the wide area empirical experiments of the cognitive radio system

- Management of radio resource selection on municipality scale using 500 cognitive wireless routers -

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April 27, 2010

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT: Hideo MIYAHARA, president) has concluded a joint research agreement with Fujisawa Industrial Promotion Foundation (FIPF: Toyonaga SHIOTA, president) aiming at the wide area empirical experiments of the cognitive radio system. In the experiments, 500 cognitive wireless routers are deployed in and around Fujisawa city (in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) by which the Internet access is provided to users of the experiments. It is expected that feasibility of the radio resource selection management by the cognitive radio system is verified and operations of the system are established.


NICT has planned empirical experiments that enable any terminals to access the Internet through the cognitive radio system deployed in wide area, as a part of research and development (R&D) on wireless networking technologies for a safe and secure society. The cognitive radio system that NICT has developed provides users with optimized Internet access according to the radio environments without consciously selecting the best system from multiple potential systems. It is required as one of the key wireless communication technologies that form the future social infrastructure. However, the empirical experiments in wide area have never been conducted before. NICT pioneers in the experiments by concluding the joint research agreement with FIPF for establishing a social infrastructure using the cognitive radio system.

Expected achievements

The experiments will demonstrate and verify the feasibility of providing optimized wireless Internet access from the standpoint of the whole targeted area. 500 cognitive wireless routers will be deployed all across Fujisawa city (in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) and the neighboring municipalities where voluntary general citizens take part in the experiments. The routers are managed by the servers located in NICT Yokosuka Research Laboratories. There is no precedent for such municipal-scale experiments of cognitive radio systems.

The experiments will not only provide fundamental measurements on the traffic or the radio resource selection but also functions as a testbed that verifies the improved throughput on each terminal. It is also expected to contribute to reasonable standardizations of cognitive radio technologies as well as to create new businesses of wireless communications by publicly opening and sharing the results such as the system architecture and the know-how gained from the testbed operation. We will investigate models for the regional infrastructure that can employ various applications for the protection of the elderly and children, distribution of public contents, and intelligent transport systems.

Future prospects

We will introduce algorithms for high-speed and efficient wireless communications onto the system and verify the effects from the standpoint of a whole network. Furthermore, we assume Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) that operate the cognitive radio system in order to establish its operations as a state-of-the-art wireless communication method. Applications of the testbed as a safe and secure social infrastructure will be also considered.

※ Please refer to the past release entitled “MOBILE WIRELESS ROUTER CONFORMING TO WORLD’S FIRST COGNITIVE WIRELESS STANDARD (IEEE 1900.4) - Provides Appropriate Mobile Connection Environment to Terminal According to Surrounding Radio Use Conditions -” (on March 3rd, 2009.) You can find it on our web page :


Figure 1: Cognitive Radio Technology Supporting Safe and Secure Communication Society

Figure 2: Radio Resource Selection by Cognitive Wireless Routers and Servers

Figure 3: Network Architecture Composed of 500 Cognitive Wireless Routers
(in Fujisawa city and neighboring municipalities) and Servers (in NICT)

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