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Report on NICT’s Exhibits and Participation at the ITU Telecom World 2013

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December 27, 2013
Mobile Cloud Networks Panel Discussion (Second from the right is Dr. Masao Sakauchi, President of NICT)
Mobile Cloud Networks Panel Discussion (Second from the right is Dr. Masao Sakauchi, President of NICT)

Resilient ICT for Disaster Relief Workshop
Resilient ICT for Disaster Relief Workshop

Japan Pavilion’s NICT Booth
Japan Pavilion’s NICT Booth

The ITU Telecom World 2013 hosted by the United Nations’ specialized agency International Telecommunication Union (ITU) was held from 19 – 22 November in Bangkok, Thailand. The event worked as a forum for interactive debates, panel discussions, and exhibits about the current state of ICT in the world today. This year saw 239 speakers participate in 58 panel sessions and, with an impressive list of delegates and representatives starting from government ministries, public institutions, and private corporations, there were a total of more than 6,000 participants at the event.

NICT’s participation at the event was comprehensive beginning with President Masao Sakauchi discussing the necessity of merging/fusing the various fields of ICT, such as cars and energy, into one when he participated as a panelist on the Mobile Cloud Networks forum session. NICT also held a workshop on Resilient ICT for Disaster Relief and NICT exhibited at the Japan Pavilion with an introduction of the institute:

  1. NerveNet: Resilient Wireless Regional Area Mesh Network
  2. Disaster Information Analysis System
  3. Portable Burst-Mode Optical Amplifier
  4. Standard Signal Generator for Testing Optical Transmitters and Receivers
  5. Non-destructive Building Inspection Using Infrared 2-D Lock-in Amplifier
These demonstrations were very well-received with a great number of people visiting and interacting with NICT, including the VIP and media of various nations.

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